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Chartered Quantity Surveying Services.

Specialist Quantity Surveying Services for the Construction Industry.

ST1 Consulting is a Chartered Quantity Surveying practice that specialises in providing support to construction clients, contractors and legal practices across the United Kingdom.

By using our services, our clients can expect a professional approach.

We understand the need to give straightforward and balanced advice but we also have the ability to give direct answers. Whether the preparation of a tender, quantity surveying support on a project, or support with a contractual issue, we are determined to deliver 100% satisfaction and a personal level of service on every commission we handle.

Irrespective of the complexity of the construction activity, there are critical commercial imperatives to evaluate, manage and control. ST1 Consulting are able to offer a bespoke service based on the needs of our clients to ensure the successful delivery of their construction activities.

At ST1 Consulting, we react quickly to the needs of our clients. We can provide a full service but will also provide support to enable our clients to adjust to variations in workload, for example, where there are ambitious deadlines, or simply to help our clients overcome internal resource issues.

The ST1 Consulting offering is really quite simple – we will add value for our clients and support them in successful delivery of their construction activities.

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