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Dispute Resolution Services.

At Dispute Resolution Services we offer a range of support including:

  • Claim preparation, including Extensions of Time and Loss and Expense
  • Legal Assistance
  • Expert Witness, including the preparation of Quantum Reports
  • Adjudication, Mediation, Expert Determination
  • DR Training Courses
  • Insurance Industry Support, including Valuation assessments
  • Contract Advice, including reviews of Standard Form Contract Amendments and Bespoke Contracts
  • Project Monitoring and Project Audits
  • Account Support, including Variation Account preparation, Negotiation and Agreement
  • Construction Advice, including Measurement, Pricing, and Procurement


Further details concerning Dispute Resolution Services, together with details of services offered in relevant business sectors, are available throughout this website.

For any further information, contact Dispute Resolution Services at:

01353 669394